I don’t know if my friends understand that they could literally invite me over to sit on their floor and watch a stupid movie. Like I’m really not hard to please, you don’t even have to feed me. Very low maintenance friend right here…I just want to do something that is not at my house okay.

This. Seriously.

You should have a limit of 2. Anything above that goes to Facebook.

QuestionHey. I hope you're doing alright. Anyway, I saw some pictures in the newspaper today that the local Huntington synagogue is restoring some old Torah right now. It might be a good day trip while it's happening. I just thought I'd let you know :) Answer

Sorry for the late reply. I’m curious if this is still in the works. I want to call them and find out!


Beard game: strong.

In case you missed it ;)

Beard game: strong.

Being sad sucks.


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Knockin’ Spirits at The Boulevard Tavern! Come down and finish off the WVU game as we celebrate an inevitable win and listen to some awesome bluegrass! Support local music!

Today is my sisters birthday. She’s growing up way too fast, but I’m proud of who she is becoming. I love you sis, Happy Birthday!

Enough said. Come see us tonight for tasty treats!