I’m thinking of switching to the Samsung Galaxy S5 away from Apple products. Any suggestions either way?

Get in my belly.

Goyim gonna goy.

So I’m going to be an uncle next March!! Super excited for my sister and brother-in-law. I’m gonna spoil that kid so bad.

I need to go back to school. I want to have a trade under my belt.

For those of you who wear a tallit (katan or gadol), what is your opinion on tekhelet? I’ve heard some pretty convincing arguments on both sides of things. I’m about to order a tallit katan and am torn on what to do.

Mishneh Torah > Sefer Ahavah > Tzitzit
-Halacha 8
When should the blessing over tzitzit be recited in the morning? When [the sun has risen so] that one can differentiate between the strands of techelet and those which are white.

Opinions? And don’t say, “well the majority doesn’t do it”.



Disgusting. They called him a gentile and nazi.

How about we blame the specific scumbags who did this instead of putting the blame on all Haredim the way this headline does? This disgusting act has been condemned by other members of the Haredi world…

Noted and changed. Do you have sources for them condemning it? I haven’t seen anything yet.

Disgusting. They called him a gentile and nazi.

When I’m back to feeling good again, I need to write an article on Type 1 diabetes. There is far less in the way of information or publications than there is on Type 2 diabetes, and they are VASTLY different.

Maybe even start a blog dedicated to it.