Disgusting. They called him a gentile and nazi.

How about we blame the specific scumbags who did this instead of putting the blame on all Haredim the way this headline does? This disgusting act has been condemned by other members of the Haredi world…

Noted and changed. Do you have sources for them condemning it? I haven’t seen anything yet.

Disgusting. They called him a gentile and nazi.

When I’m back to feeling good again, I need to write an article on Type 1 diabetes. There is far less in the way of information or publications than there is on Type 2 diabetes, and they are VASTLY different.

Maybe even start a blog dedicated to it.

#tbt to the time in college I dressed like a girl to go to a “The Office” themed party. I was Angela.



If you are not a Palestinian, you do not have the right to act as if you are one. That means you do not get to act like Jews are oppressing you. The fact that you sympathize or empathize with Palestinians does not give you the right to treat Jews,


Came in to work for an hour, now leaving. Diabetes go away.

I added salmon to an already delicious salad. It was the best decision.

One week since I’ve been at work. I thought I might be able to make it today, but my body is still so weak. Just walked to Dollar General and back (half a mile at most) and I’m so exhausted it’s not funny. I just hope my job doesn’t fire me.

Woke up, feeling bad, finally came back to my own house, going back to bed.